A Diagram of Tennis Court Dimensions and Layout

A Diagram of Tennis Court Dimensions & Layout

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  1. Narendra Kumar
    Narendra Kumar says:

    How much space/area should be left after base line/Net post as per international guidelines ( ft L* ft W)

  2. TennisCompanion
    TennisCompanion says:

    Hey Narendra!

    Thanks so much for your question.

    International Competition
    For international competition it’s recommended that the space or distance between the baseline and the backstop should be 21 feet. The distance between the sidelines and the sidestops is recommended to be 12 feet. If you’re measuring from the net post this distance should be 9 feet because the distance from the sideline to the net post should be 3 feet.

    Recreational Play
    The recommended measurements for recreational play are slightly shorter. 18 feet between the baseline and the backstop and 10 feet from the sideline and sidestops or 7 feet from the net post.

    Hopefully this helps :) Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    PS – here’s a quick bonus. If the court is indoors the minimum recommended height of the ceiling should be 30 feet.

    All the best,

  3. John Wates
    John Wates says:

    Thank you for the useful info on your site. Can you tell me what the stndard length of a net should be. If the posts are 3 feet outside of the doubles court lines how much is allowed for the static hook and winder spindle on either side.

  4. jeremy
    jeremy says:

    its an amazing site 4 sure….I have a whole team n we train each an every day….. we’ve Neva met with a strong team….. we need a challenger


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